In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” Psalm 56:4

Remedies  for your common ailments:


Nourish your skin.
Make sure to nourish your dry, sensitive or oily  skin with the right sort of oil and always mix your essential  oil with a carrier oil.


Stress. My stress free life.
Take control of your life, take charge over your thoughts, emotions, your environment, your schedule and the way you deal with your problems and leave the rest in God’s hands.


Constipation is severe when the number of bowel movement becomes less than three times per week.


Sleep is an essential healing tool to help your body relax and repair it self. Insomnia is insufficient or poor quality of sleep.

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Our Remedies:

Home Remedies

home remedies

Find some home remedies for...

Common ailment using simple ingredients from your kitchen. Find something to help you with digestive distress, colds, hives, cuts, joint, muscle aches, womens problems, headache treatments, anxiety, stress,fatigue.

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Herbal Remedies

herbal remedies

Create your own natural cures...Using diferent types of herbes, plants and food to to improve your health issues such as acne, menopause, depression, hair care, HBP, insomnia, lotions and Potions, menopause, stress and many more.

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Alternative Medicine

alternative medicine

Medicine from around the world.
If you are looking for different non pharmacological ways to cure different types of illness you can start some of your research right here.

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Natural Body Care

Herbal Remedies

Enjoy creating your own homemade herbal pharmacy using things from your kitchen.

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Skin Rejuvenator

Whether you have dry or oily skin getting a healthy and flawless skin is possible.

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Home Spa: Bath and  Shower

Relax and wind down because you deserve it. Get rid of all negative vibes.Reserve a moment for you.

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Hand  and Nail Care

Moisturize your hands atleast 5 times a day to keep them young and healthy

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Home Spa: Body Scrubs

Get rid of your blackhead, white head and rough skin with simple homemade scrubs.
Get your baby skin back!!!

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Foot Care

Soften, moisturize, exfoliate and remove odors from your feet.

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Body Cleansing/Detox

Detox and balance your body. Find a body cleanser to clean yourself from inside out.

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Body Care

Relax and pamper your body you deserve it.

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Beauty Mask

Luxurious mask to refresh your face the inexpensive way.

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Hair Removal

Different hair removal methods: sugaring, shaving, waxing, ect.

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Natural Shampoo

Create your own natural shampoo and reduce the amount of chemicals in your hair.

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Manage Your Weight

To loose weight it takes patients and determination. Lose weight the natural  and healthy way.

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Hair Conditionner

Create your own natural  conditionners. To keep your hair well moisturized with a healthy look.

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Lotion and Potion

Heal yourself, be adored, fall in love, and gain superhuman strenght. Create the concoction of your choice.

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Homemade Facial

Simple affordable facials for everyday use. Facial cleanser, toners, face cream and many more.

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Natural Oral Care

Learn to whiten and care for  your teeth  using things around the house.

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God's Garden  of Health
Eat well
       Sleep well
             Live well
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home remedies

Home Remedies

Digestive distress, cold, fever, bug bites, hives, itching, treatments for skin outbreaks, cuts, bruises, burns, foot care products, joints, muscle aches...

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just for men

Just for men

Some products just for men.

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cinnamon soap

Cinnamon Soap

10 drops clove bud essential oil
Coarsely grate the scraps of soap into a large mixing bowl. Add the spring water, glycerine, and essential oils. Mix well.

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body butter

Body Butter

Body Butters...for silky soft skin.
Find a delicious body butter here.

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sea salt scrub

Sea Salt Scrub

Sea Salt Scrub: This will leave skin feeling smooth and wonderful. You will feel a little oily once you rinse...

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body butter

Massage Bars

Massage bars made of rich exfoliating butters.
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yogurt facial scrub

Yogurt Facial Scrub

Very easy to prepare and works well to sooth, pamper and moisturize the skin. Mix all of the ingredients...

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