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Nicotine Detoxsmober

This procedure is for all my friends out there who want to quite smoking but don’t know where to start.

1. Make a firm decision to quit. This decision will change your life and make it better. Set a target date four weeks in advance. During those four weeks follow steps 2 through 7.

2. Inform your family and friends of your decision to reinforce your intention. Make a bet with someone that you will stop smoking on your target date and stay clean for a year or m ore afterwards. Invite a friend to quit with you. Get some moral support.

3. Keep an hourly journal, marking the exact time of every cigarette you smoke. Count the total each night before you go to bed.

4. Cut down the usage. Postpone lighting each cigarette for five minutes the first day. Six minutes the second day and so on adding a minute everyday. Use your journal to record the minutes and the times you were able to stick to the plan. While waiting to light up, keep yourself busy by doing something enjoyable and distracting.

Watch the number of cigarettes you smoke decrease.

5. Smoke with the hand you don’t normally use, switch to a brand you dislike and puff only half of the cigarette.

6. Drink liquids through a straw.

7. Put your cigarette money in a piggy bank it will be opened one year after you succeeded. Then spend it on something wild or give it to a cancer foundation.

8. On the day you quit, THROW AWAY ALL CIGARETTES. Remove ashtrays and matches.

9. Keep yourself busy every minute. Start a new project. During your nonworking hours, do things you enjoy with people who will support you.

10. Have your dentist clean your teeth and remove all nicotine stains.

11. Avoid situations where you used to smoke.

12. Tell people ‘‘you quit ’’ not ‘‘I’m trying to quit’’

13. Reward yourself. You are only spending your cigarette money.

Once you quit you will feel much better

During the first few days that you stop smoking you may feel some symptoms from the nicotine withdrawal:

14. Irritability, headache, depression, anxiety, muscle cramps, insomnia and craving for tobacco which is the most difficult symptoms. You may also experience bowel irregularity, sore gums or tongue, and temporary weight gain caused by fluid retention.

Your heart rate and blood pressure slow down and the carbon monoxide level in your blood drops rapidly, allowing the damaged cells in your heart and lungs to begin the rebuilding process.

15. Cut down your intake in meat, fish and sea food (except shrimp), eggs, and poultry, because these foods will make acidic urine. Eat plenty of fruits (except plums, prunes, and cranberries), vegetables, nuts, and seeds, as they form alkaline urine. The alkaline foods take longer to flush nicotine out of the system. As the nicotine stays longer in the body it will decrease the intensity of the craving.

16. Visualize your success put up images of:smober

your prize in one year.

The feeling of running up stairs without gasping for breath

smoked-blackened lungs.

someone lying on an operating table attached to various tubes and machines.

If you tried to quit on your own and failed or feel you cannot handle the problem alone, then you need professional help.

17. If you relapse:

during a social outing; relaxing after a meal; while feeling job pressure; experiencing boredom or depression note it in journal. DON’T GIVE UP.

18. Can you feel it?  Your sense of taste has returned, your digestive system is functioning normally, and your headaches are gone. NO more depression or burst of anger. You smell better look better and feel better. You feel alive and full of energy. YOU DID IT, YES YOU!







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