In God, whose word I praise— in God I trust and am not afraid. What can mere mortals do to me?” Psalm 56:4

Natural Alternative Medicine  for your common ailments:


Nourish your skin.
Make sure to nourish your dry, sensitive or oily  skin with the right sort of oil and always mix your essential  oil with a carrier oil.

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Stress. My stress free life.
Take control of your life, take charge over your thoughts, emotions, your environment, your schedule and the way you deal with your problems and leave the rest in God’s hands. 


Constipation is severe when the number of bowel movement becomes less than three times per week.


Sleep is an essential healing tool to help your body relax and repair it self. Insomnia is insufficient or poor quality of sleep.

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    I am blessed through Jesus Christ, I am empowered to prosper, I am empowered to conquer, Iam appointed to rule and reign over all my circumstances! I am seated together with Christ Jesus in the heavenly places far above all principalities and power and might and dominion and everyname that is named . I am more than a conqueror through him who loved me. Compiled  by: Dr. Ralph Dartey

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    A-Abdominal pain, Abscesses, Acid Reflux, Acne, Alcohol abuse, Allergic Reaction, Alopecia, Alzhiemers and Dementia, Anemia, Antioxidants, Athlete's foot, Autoimmune Disease, human anatomy

    B-Back Pain Bee Sting/Wasp Sting,  Bronchitis, C-Cancer,Cancer Remedies,Candida Albicans,Celiac DiseaseColitis, Constipation, Miracle Constipation Relief, Colon cleansing , Crohn Disease,Crohn's disease Guide, Cure for Virtually All Diseases, C-section recovery

    D- Dementia and Alzhiemers, Depression,Depression, Detox for Beginners, Diet and Nutrition Program, Dry skin, Diverticulitis, Diabetes Type 1 and 2, Diabetes type 2, Dyspareunia,

    E- Ear infection, Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies, Esophageal Cancer,



    H-Hair care,Hair Loss remedies, Hair loss prevention, Heartburn, Heart Disease, Hemorrhoids, Herbal Hair Solution, High Blood Pressure (HBP) , Natural Cure for HPV

    I-Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome,
    Herbal Remedies Secret Uncovered


    K- Kidney Disease,

    L-Leg pains,  Lemonade Cleanser, Liver Disease Cirrhosis, Lotions and Potions, Lower Blood Pressure Naturally, Lyme Disease 72 Hour Relief,

    M-Menopause, Master Cleans ,

    N- Natural Medicine Alternatives, Nourish Your Skin, New Year Cleanser, No more gastric pain,

    O- Ovarian Cyst Relief,

    P-Pancreatitis, Parasite, Parkinson's Disease, Pregnancy, Slim and Healthy Pregnancy, Pregnancy without pounds, Pregnancy MassagePregnancy Weekly  Plan, Pregnancy success program,


    R-Rheumatism, Rosacea,

    S-Scars, scar solution, Sinusitis, Stop Acid Reflux, Stress, Stress free for teachers, Free From Financial Stress, financial stress

    T-Teeth whitening

    U- Uterine Fibroids,

    V-Varicose veins

    W-Warts, Weight loss, Weight Loss2,


    Y-Yeast infections


    Facial Masks you may enjoy.

    Banana, Sour Cream, & Honey Face Mask
    Facial Cleansing Mask
    Honey Mask
    Shiny Mask
    Sleeping Beauty Mask
    Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream
    Rich Neck Moisturizer
    Yogurt  mask
    Tired Eye Remedy
    Peachy Complexion Cream
    Artichoke Facial
    Basic Skin Toner
    Cucumber Astringent
    Egg-White Toner
    Lemon skin Toner
    Grape Cleanser
    Yogurt and Oatmeal Deep-Cleansing Facial
    Almond Mayonnaise Scrub
    Mask for oily skin
    Strawberry Yogurt Mask
    Oatmeal exfoliant
    Banana Wrinkle Fighter
    Youthful Skin Face Mask

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