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Find the Right 
Fitness Plan for You

fitness plan
Find the Right 
Meal Plan for you

meal plan

To find the perfect fitness and healthy eating plan for YOU click here.

    Being motivated to lose weight and look good is hard and I mean hard but possible. After the traumatic moment of you realizing that you can no longer fit in you cute skinny j
weight loss plan for women, quick weight loss plan, fast weight loss plan, weight loss secrets, weight loss tips, weight loss program, weight loss trainning program, weight loss programs for women, weight loss programs onlineeans  or your  hot suit.

    At first you don’t realize that you are gaining weight because you are enjoying these delicious new recipes your mother in law gave you. I mean the women knows how to cook some great food. Plus the new delicious strawberry short cake that you just discovered at the market near you at a very low price. You keep accumulating theses sweet in your desk, under your bed in the cupboard and tell yourself this time your stash of sweet will last you a month. A week later you are back at the supermarket looking for more sweet. Time goes buy and you realize you can’t run the way you use to without loosing  your breath, more time goes buy and you realize you can no longer fit in your cute little black dress, sexy skinny jeans, or that hot suit that used to make all the lady go “ooooooooo”.

    Denial kicks in and you start making excuses for your self. “Excuse me I add 3 kids”, “I am getting older it’s part of the aging process”,it's just a beer belly it will go away once I stop drinking” “I can loose that weight anytime baby just give me two days after I am done eating this gigantic lasagne, hamburger, 5 hot dogs, this whole cake, 5 litters of chocolate milkshake, and one blueberry before going to bed”, “I am really busy with school right now I don’t have time for a workout when classes are over I will start again”, “ I am too old and in a wheelchair how can I exercise it’s impossible, “I am already too fat anyways I am pass the loosing weight phase I mightas well eat and die a horrible death doing what I love  ” or “I work a lot anyways so I need a lot of food to keep me going its not as if I am sitting on the couch all day doing nothing. I don’t have time to work out the process will take way too long. Plus everybody loves me the way I am”.  Excuses after excuses that’s what we do to enable ourselves and feel good about actions that will cost us dearly in the near future one way or the other.

 Time goes by and you start hating the way you look and feel. You are not as slim as you used to be and you have more joint pain, your body doesn’t feel right but you still ignore the signs because you are too busy. You go for your annual check up and your doctor tells you  the inevitable news. You have type 2 diabetes, some type of heart diseases, or some other illness due to your inactive and terrible diet life.

What does all this mean ??????
    It means that you have a bigger problem than before, your concern is no longer focused on being slim you are now also worried about your health status, the health diet you should be on the exercise
 plan you need to start, and a new life style you need to maintain if you do not want to loose your legs. Believe me when I say you can loose parts of your body because of uncontrolled diabetes and the process is not a joyful ride. Simple things such as feeding and washing yourself now have to be done by someone else.

weight loss plan for women, quick weight loss plan, fast weight loss plan, weight loss secrets, weight loss tips, weight loss program, weight loss trainning program, weight loss programs for women, weight loss programs online
    All this new change needs to happen now because your life is at stake. It’s never too late until it’s late.
You need to make a plan and put it into action very quickly not just to manage your glucose levels or cardiac issues but to also prevent any other types of illness before it occurs.

    Go back to the basics start a proper diet or fitness plan or make sure it’s an appropriate plan for YOU. Here are a few plans that can help you get started on the right path:

-You can be 52 or 26 it doesn't matter you can still manage your weight and have the body you want and deserve. 

Wedding Day Workout Plan
-Are you stress out worried about not fitting in your wedding dress on the day of your wedding?

Flavia Del Monte's Full-Body-Licious- A females Formula For A Flawless Figure.
-Radiate with confidence, turn heads and control every curve on your body!

Vince Delmonte Extreme Fitness Program No Nonsense Muscle Building.
-Done in a healthy natural way with step by steps videos and instruction book. No protein Shakes-No steroids-No Pills!. He shows you everything he did to get the body of his dreams. 

Muscle in 21 days- Warning warning warning not for everyone guys. Muscle Growth Solution in 21 days
-The Fastest & Easiest Muscle Growth Solution In Existence: 21-Day Fast Mass Building Add Up To 12 Pounds Of Pure Muscle In 21 Days.

From vincedelmontefitness blog

-Do your research, find the diet that is the best for you, the one with great result and possible for YOU.  Here are examples of great eating plans to help you keep a healthy weight and stay sane in the process. Create a great metabolism, stick to the plan and stay healthy. Don’t forget to add a fitness plan to your diet plan for better results.

The Diet Solution Program-Stop Dieting...Start Eating...and Start Living!

-Very helpful for individuals with diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, crohn’s disease, alleviate menopausal symptoms, vegetarians, meat lovers, before and after pregnancies, allergies and much much more.


    Find a quiet environment and write on a calendar/journal  your goal for each days. Make sure they are simple and possible for you to accomplish.  Example: taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, make a healthy breakfast 3 times a week and eat it that morning or work out on Saturday mornings or a day that is convinient to you. Focuse, on your upper extremities the first Saturday/convinient day and your lower extremities the second Saturday/convinient day. Schedule to take a Zumba dance class on Friday nights not only is it fun you loose weight while enjoying your workout. There are a lot of creative and fun ways to loose weight and stay healthy. 


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