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Remedies for Acne

Homemade Facial

Artichoke Facial  Artichoke helps with dry or damaged skin. It reduces flaking and restores suppleness.

Anti-Wrinkle Eye Cream Use this cream to target the soft tissue under and around the eyes.

Basic Skin Toner  After your morning prayers your first step in your daily ritual should be the gentle cleansing of your face.soothes and refresh your skin 

Cucumber Astringent Very simple to make. Soothes and refreshes your skin.

Egg White Toner If you want your skin feeling tight and silky smoooooooth.

Grape Cleanser Split 3 or 4 large red grapes and rub the fleshy interior on your face and neck. The grapes condition your face and reduce dryness, restoring  suppleness. Rinse with cool water 
lemon skin toner
Lemon skin Toner You can toss this toner together in just a few seconds and a few pennies.

Peachy Complexion Cream  Would you like to have your glow back just like the first time you fell in love with prince charming.

Rich Neck Moisturizer our neck is one of the places to show the first signs of aging. This recipe uses oils to keep the skin supple.green clay mask 

Scrub For Dry Skin This scrub is very helpful to me during the winter. My face stays moisturized,lavender cool and soft for a long time. I usually do the scrub two hours before going to bed at least every 5 days.

Yogurt Face Scrub
 easy to prepare and works well to sooth, pamper and moisturize the skin.

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