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Home Spa Body Scrubs

Going to the spa is very relaxing but, it can be costly and time consuming. With a few dollars and less time than it would take to go to the spa, you can make your own body scrub at home and still have nice, rejuvenated, fresh skin.
Body scrubs exfoliate, gently cleansing the dry surface of lifeless skin while moisturizing the layer seabelow. Common exfoliants include salt, sugar and coffee.
Before doing a body scrub you should take a quick shower to remove any excess sweat or dirt from your body.
If you have oily skin it is recommended to do a scrub about once a week.
If you have normal skin it is recommended to do a scrub once or twice a month.
Scrubs should be done standing in the bathtub because they tend to be messy. After you quickly shower, dip a facecloth in your scrub mixture and rub it on your skin in a circular motion. Concentrate on the rough, thickened areas of the body, such as the feet and elbows. Use all of the scrub to cover your entire body. Rinse with warm water do not use soap and pat dry. While scrubbing avoid any open wounds or irritation.

Sea Salt Scrub
Almond Oatmeal Scrub
Pineapple Scrub
Yogurt Facial Scrub
Almond Exfoliating Body Scrub
Simple Sugar Scrub for Dry Skin
Cranberry Sugar Scrub
Body Powder
Body Spray

Sea Salt Scrub

Sea Salt Scrub: This will leave skin feeling smooth and wonderful. You will feel a little oily once you rinse it off with warm water, but the oil will quickly be absorbed into the skin.
1/4 cup sea salt
1/4 cup olive oil
2Tbsp mild soap-based shampoo
Mix well and apply.
Almond-Oatmeal Scrub

almonds freedigitalphotos/by SOMMAI Almond-Oatmeal Scrub: For dry or sensitive skin.
2 Tbsp. ground almonds
 1/4 cup oat flour
 3 Tbsp. sweet almond or olive oil
1/4 cup yogurt
3Tbsp. mashed avocado
Lightly grind the almond and oat flour in a blender. Then blend the almond mixture with the oil. Add the yogurt and avocado. Mix well and use.

Pineapple Scrub

Pineapple Scrub: for oily skin and large pored skin.
1/2 cop chopped fresh pineapple
1/2 cup cornmeal
3 Tbps. Olive oil
Mash pineapple well. Sprinkle with cornmeal, and add olive oil over the mixture. Stir until it look like a sauce and use it.pineapple freedigitalphotos/by Gualberto107

Yogurt Facial Scrub

Very easy to prepare and works well to sooth, pamper and moisturize the skin. Mix all of the ingredients to make a thick paste and massage the paste on your face. Keep the paste on your face for 25 minutes and wash with warm water followed by cold water.

6 ounces    yogurt
2tbsp        honey
1tbsp        wheat germ oil ( kills bacteria in skin)
2tbsp        crushed almonds (to remove dead skin)

Almond Exfoliating Body Scrub 

1/4 cup coarse se salt
1/4 cup baby oil
1/2 teaspoon almond extract, vanilla extract, or lightly scented perfume oil

In a small bowl, stir the salt and baby oil together until the oil is thoroughly incorporated into the salt. Add the extract and stir until it, too, is incorporated.
Use in the shower, after you are thoroughly wet. Apply with your hands, a washcloth, or a body puff scrubber. Massage in and rinse off.

Simple Sugar Scrub for Dry Skin

Another yummy body scrub for dry skin.

1 cup brown sugar, white sugar, or a mix
1/2 cup olive, grapeseed, or other oil
2 drops vanilla or almond extract

In a medium bowl, combine the sugar and the oil. Mix with a wooden spoon until you achieve a paste like blend. Add extract if desired and stir until incorporated.
Transfer to a clean, airtight glass container to slow breakdown of the oil.
In the shower, massage this mixture gently over damp skin. It will exfoliate and moisturize at the same time. Do not use on broken, irritated, or scarred skin. Avoid the eyes. This is an especially oily mixture, so it is really best for dry skin.
Store mixture in the refrigerator for 6 month to a year.

Cranberry Sugar Scrub

This scrub will polish your skin and leave you with a nice scent tofresh fruits desire.

1/2 cup frozen cranberriesfresh fruits
1 teaspoon vegetable glycerine
1/4 cup sweet almond oil
1/4 cup sugar
2 drops orange essential oil
2 tablespoons oat powder

      In the container of a food processor, combine cranberries, glycerine, almond oil and whirl for 30 seconds without turning the berries to pulp. You want to keep the mixture thick
Transfer the mixture to a bowl and stir in the sugar. Stir in the essential oil. Add just enough of the oat powder to create a cohesive mixture that you can apply to your skin.  
In the shower, rub the mixture on your skin. Massage in and remove with warm water.

Body Powder

This is a fresh-smelling and silky after powder that you can use every day for a pittance. For a more feminine product, use just lavender and rose essential oils.

1/2 cup arrowroot
2 tablespoons white cosmetic clay
7 drops lavender essential oil
5 drops clary sage essential oilstrawberries
2 drops patchouli essential oil

In a medium bowl, mix the arrowroot with the white cosmetic clay. Add the essential oils and mix well with your fingers.
Store in a tight covered container for a couple of days to allow the powder to absorb the oils, then use all over your body as desired.

Body Spray

Refreshing body spray with a citrusy mixture that smells good, tones the skin, and feels delightfully cool.

1 tablespoon finely chopped orange peel
1 tablespoon finely chopped lemon peellemon
3 tablespoons plain vodka
1 tablespoon witch hazel
1 cup water
5 drops lemon verbena essential oil
10 drops bergamot essential oil
10 drops orange essential oil

       In a small jar with a tight top, add orange and lemon peels to the vodka. Cover and leave for a week in a cool, dark place.
       Strain the liquid into a clean spray bottle. Add the witch hazel, water, and essential oils. Shake well and use as needed. Store in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Homemade underarm deodorant that won't stain your clothes.

60 ml distilled witch hazel
30 ml sage alcohol based herbal extract
10 drops grapefruit-seed extract
10 drops clary sage essential oil
5 drops patchouli essential oil

       In a small spray bottle, combine all ingredients
       Shake well and spray under arms as needed.

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