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                                   Exotic Spa Kit Samples

The Exotic Spa Kit was created for people who enjoy taking care of their bodies without spending hundreds of dollars on beauty products and still getting the same results.  If you want to maintain and nourish your skin but you don't have the time to make the kit, you can always purchase the Exotic Spa Kit online.  The kit is homemade and does not contain artificial preservative. Therefore, once you received the Exotic Spa Kit keep it in a cool dark area or the refrigeratorand away from sunlight for a longer shelf life. It can last between 6 month to 1 year.

If you would like the Exotic Spa Kit get it here.

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sensual Exotic
The Exotic Spa Kit is composed of 1 body butter of your choice + 1 Repunzel Exotic Hair Oil+1 Exotic Love Potion Massage Oil +  the Exotic Bath Salt.

Starting from $40.00 click here for more info.

Exotic Creamy Coconilla
Body Butter

Creamy Exotic Coconilla

Feel the softness
Rich in antioxidants, this wonderful body butter softens, moisturizes and smoothes rough dry skin. It is helpful in treating burns, stretch marks, reduces scars, smoothes wrinkle...

Exotic Sensual  
Body Butter

Sensual Exotic

Loose your senses
Composed of 100% lavender essential oil and rich in antioxidants, this wonderful body butter softens, moisturizes and smoothes rough dry skin. It is helpful in treating burns, stretch marks...

Exotic Wild Mango
Body Butter

Wild Exotic Mango

Awake all your senses
Keep your skin revitalized, soft and silky all day long. Wild Exotic Mango Body Butter has antioxidant properties, and is composed of moisturizing ingredients...

Exotic Repunzel
Hair Oil

Repunzel Exotic

Direction: Divide your hair hair into manageable strands  with a comb. Apply the Repunzel Exotic Hair Oil to each strand of hair, from the root to...

Exotic Love Potion
Massage Oil

Exotic Love Potion








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