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Books, Music, Oils, Spa Kit, Remedies and much more.

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free giftExotic body butter sent for the whole familly. Learn how to make your own or purchase your Exotic Spa Kit here.

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free giftHerbal encyclopedia, Yoga& Meditation, Doctor's secrets, Powerful healing plants, CD, DVDs, and much more.
Destroy your Negative Thoughts
essential oilListening to powerful positive messages and relaxing music is an essential part of life.With more than 1000 mp3s you can program your mind for success - whatever your goals are! From success, stoping an addiction, therapy, stress relief, health, confidence and much more their is something for everyone.Calm your senses at a low cost. Way cheaper then therapy!

Essential oils
essential oilEssential oils are perfect for your homemade soaps, lotions, body butters, massage oil, candles and much more.
I am freeEnjoy your Life
Find a little time during the day to relax and enjoy life. Life is temporary and your hard working body deserves the sweet care.

http://astore.amazon.com/herbalsplas0e-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=9Carrier oils
Carrier oils are perfect for your massage oils, soaps, body butters and much more.
natural supplementsSupplements and nutrition
Do you take your vitamins daily? For a well balanced stress free life not only do you need to eat, sleep and excersise well you also need to take your daily vitamins. 

lotionsLotions and potions
With the help of these ingredients you can make your own lotions and body butters.
in the kitchenIn the kitchen
Get some help in the kitchen.

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