Depression can hit anybody but  what you do with it is an outcome unique only to you.  Best weapon to fight this or any other illness  on this Earth is to ask our Heavenly Father  for the help. Don't fight depression by yourself get some help.   Take care God Bless.


A common mental health disorder that interferes with daily life activities. The depression will affect mood, though, sleep, and many other aspects of life. Individuals with such disorder do not always realize it and are sometimes misunderstood. Many ignore the signs and others cope with it by abusing alcohol or drugs. Without treatment the symptoms can last months or even years.

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Constant sad  mood.
Decreased Interest or Pleasure.                    
Feeling of worthlessness or guilt.
Lost of appetite or over eating.
Weigh changes.
Suicidal (thoughts of death).
Lack of sleep.
Diminished concentration.
Difficulty remembering.
And many more symptoms.

Common Causes

Common causes in Women
Menstrual cycle changes, miscarriage, pregnancy, postpartum, menopause and other hormonal factors  contribute to the increased rate in women. Stressors such as work, parenthood etc. will contribute to depression.

Common causes in Men
Men are less likely to suffer from it than women but they are also less likely to admit  to it. It can affect physical health in men and a study shows a correlation between depression and death rate from coronary arteries. Most will mask the illness by abusing alcohol, drugs and/or working excessively for long hours. Their response towards it is more aggressive rather than feeling hopeless and/or helpless.

Common causes:

Family history
Physical conditions
Pessimistic personality
lemon balm-can relieve depression

It may not be possible to prevent it but a recurrence can be prevented by taking and continuing to take  proper medication even after symptoms have improved.

Seeking treatment
Find humour in your life
Talk to someone.
Avoid isolation.
Avoid bad company.
Deal with money and stress.
Go to bed early.
Proper night sleep.
Avoid alcohol and drugs.
Getting regular exercise.
Eating a balanced diet.

If you are a teen or young adult and you have no one to talk to call a local organisation such as kids help phone (1800-668-6868) http://www.kidshelpphone.ca,  or (1800-263-2266) http://en.teljeunes.com/home tel jeunes. Do not stay alone get some help. TALK TO SOMEONE.

Herbal Relief

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Lemon balm-(Melissa officinalis), damiana (Turnera diffusa), skullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora).
Make an infusion using one of the herbs. Drink 4 cups a day. lemon balm-can relieve depression

St john’s wort-(Hypericum perforatum). It will take approximately 3 weeks  before  seeing any effects.
take pills or make infusion and drink up 4 times a day.

General caution: Seek professional advice, especially if you are already taking medication for this condition.

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