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Christmas 8-):

 Christmas Time Contest  Week 3

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Here are the 7 questions for week 3 (November 27th to December 3rd)
To view the rules and qualifications for this contest please go to our Give away Contest page.

1.write down one of the many verses on this site. (They are all located  under the google search bar).
christmas gifts

2.Name 4 things that dry up skin.

3.Name four herbs or oils that can help with dry skin. Clue here

4.Name 4 common causes of high blood pressure.

5.Unscramble these words (put a comma to seperate words)

iludf lieincleetgn                 
lmboepr ivnlogs                   
latipsa nnaeosrig                 
ncoomm sscuae                      
blarhe deriesrm                    

6.Animals which eat both plants and other animals are known as what?

7.Bacterial infections in humans can be treated with what?

Week 3/4 Contest

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Maybe in 200 years I will come back. I just want this prize.

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