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Bee Sting Ouch!!!:

Bee Sting/Wasp sting

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  Bee stings/wasp stings are painful or deadly depending on the victim. The reaction may go from redness to death if no action is taken immediately.

  Find a safe area away from the bee/wasp  if you get stung. Remove the bee stinger, as soon as possible, to reduce the reaction.  To remove the stinger use a hard flat object such as a credit card to scrape the bee stingers away from the skin.

  If the victim is allergic to bees find their epinephrine auto-injector (EpiPen) and call 911 immediately. Apply ice or a cold pack to the area to reduce the inflammation.

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  You need to remove the stinger as soon as possible to reduce the pain and limit the amount of venom that is pump in your system.

The venom will only take 2-5 minutes to get into your system and
 can stay there for 20 minute. The venom will then release a hormone which will make other bees in the area more aggressive.

To detect an allergic reaction watch the victim for any of the following signs:

Short of breath
Drop in blood pressure

 If you cannot find the EpiPen  of the individual you can give them Benedryl but it will not replace the effect of the epinephrine. You can also make a paste with baking soda and water and apply it to the area to relieve the inflammation.

Herbal Relief

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Ghee  or clarified butter  which you rub on to the area that has beestings. It helps reduce the sensation of  stinging.

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