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Athlete's Foot Home Remedy

Athlete’s foot is a fungus infection. The fungi or small mushrooms that cause Athlete’s foot multiply in dark, damp places. There are many ways to identify Athlete’s foot. The skin between the toes will peel, crack and become scaly. The side and the soles of the feet are red, thick, dull, scaling and have blisters. There may also be itching, flaky skin, and an unpleasant smell. This change in the skin is accompanied by itching and burning.

The toe nail may also become infected, resulting in scaling, crumbling, and thickening of the nail. At this level the toenail can be very stubborn to treat and result infeet nail loss.

Treatment: not all rashes on your feet are Athlete’s foot, it is important to have a foot specialist or a dermatologist properly diagnose the condition and prescribe the correct medication.

The feet should be kept clean and dry, and dead skin should be removed with a brush.
You can also try some of these home remedies to reduce the symptoms:

Love Your Feet Cream, Soothing Footh Bath, Refreshing Foot Spray, Eucalyptus Foot Lotion, Strawbery Foot Scrub, Leg massage Cream, Antifungal Foot Ointment, Aintifungal Solution, Corn Plaster, Essential Oil Corn Remover, Athlete´s Foot Powder

Prevention:  The funguses prefers warm, damp environments, where moisture cannot easily evaporate. Limit your chances of infection by keeping the feet clean and dry.

Avoid plastic shoes or tight footwear, especially in the summer.
Air out shoes regularly.
Wash your feet twice a day and wash them thoroughly, especially in between the toes.
Wear flip-flops  in places that fungi like to grow, such as public showers and other dark, moist places.feet
Wear cotton socks and change them frequently throughout the day if they become damp.
Do not share towels or bath mats with people who are infected.
Swab the are with tea tree oil.

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